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Adaptive - Leadership Team

Individual and Organisational Performance Transformation

This highly successful, fast growing tech and services company has circa 200 employees with offices in London, New York, Barcelona, Montreal and Manila. Having recently lost a founder to burnout the leadership team engaged OwnLife to work with them to assess their risks of burnout and help them perform more sustainably at the busiest of times.

The global leadership team of 7 engaged in the OwnLife “Leading on 4RM Programme” CEO, COO, Finance Director, Sales Director, Head of Strategy, Regional Head & HRD…

Whilst none of the Leadership team felt immediate risk of burning out, they were all aware that they could be more productive if they could sustain their cognitive performance better. Also, there was a shared desire to ensure they built their cognitive stamina, to have more to offer those around them outside the workplace.


Average increase in Productivity (in already high performing individuals)


Average improvement in Sleep Quality across the group


Improved their personal wellbeing

The programme was an overwhelming success, personal productivity rocketed, an average increase of 12% from an already high performing leadership team, with key individuals seeing an increase of over 20%. The majority found the programme a deeply transformational experience (66%), with 100% advocating to colleagues. Burnout indicators reduced dramatically.

Gains were seen in key performance areas: Leadership, Decision Making, Deep & Creative Thinking, Relationship Management & Engagement increased by over 10% from an already highly motivated and committed team.

The Leading on 4rm programme was deployed at an incredibly challenging time, however it easily ran alongside these busy leaders lives, with little to no disruption to their workload.

The data revealed some surprising impacts, and the coaching was deeply impactful. The Leadership team opened up and committed 100% to the programme, and reaped the rewards, the programme has materially affected organisational performance…

“I started thinking I was fine, and that nothing was wrong, but that’s because I had never stopped. The programme has definitely been a journey of realization…extremely valuable“ Global Head of HR

“I am much more conscious of my form and what I need to do to sustain it. I have really felt the benefits and have been sailing through tasks I would normally put off or deliberate on.“ CEO

“By tracking you get some good signposts that something isn’t right, which normally you wouldn’t realise until you blew a gasket“ Co-Founder

“I got a tonne out of it; I really like the data and the tracking – through this approach I changed a lot of things in small ways, and it’s helped me understand what I need to do to get out of the ruts much more quickly.” Head of Strategy

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