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I am so grateful for this programme, it’s made me step back and reprioritise so much in my life, I am calmer, more in control and getting more done at work and outside

Dr Stephanie King - Senior Consultant Guys & St Thomas’

I have gone from a 4/10 to an 8/10…I am more engaged and motivated…I keep checking in with myself and it’s a really valuable process

Sachin Dsouza - Director of Supply

What’s really interesting about this programme is that the way in is really quite simple, yet it takes you really quite deep and into how you are as a person. It’s helped me connect back to why I am doing what I am doing and clearly works across all levels of the organisation

Hamish Anderson - CEO

The programme makes you think really deeply about yourself…It’s been incredibly useful for me

Ujwaal Sarao - Chief Talent Officer

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