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Uniting the Tate

The programme was taken up in the midst of the covid lockdowns. Leaders at all levels had to let people go whilst also trying to reconnect with those who remained, many of whom were struggling without their usual work routines. The senior leaders in the group had to review strategy daily to operate within the ever changing Covid restrictions and stress levels were high.


Reported an increase In productivity of between 10- 20%

The programme was welcomed by all leaders. There was a recognized need to stay on top of their game and rise to the new and uncertain challenges.

The mixed level cohort worked well. The senior leader’s disclosure encouraged and permitted all to share openly, relationships deepened and trust grew. The initial emphasis on ‘known’ negative behaviours created early engagement, and that was quickly followed by a far deeper reflection. People were really starting to see they could do better, that their limiting beliefs were getting in the way of them achieving more.

This process was transformational for many. In recognizing and accepting the difference their form made to their outcomes, they were able to step up and take back some control over the behaviours that limited their form. Challenging the assumptions made around their abilities, ambition started to return. Leaders started to truly lead others, seeing the opportunity to help develop their teams. With some quick fixes in place there were pleasing outcomes around increased exercise and meditation. Many lost weight as a by-product of changing habits and all saw stress reduce and productivity increase. As this was our first commercial programme, we regularly revisit the leadership to see how things are developing. In doing so we have seen that the early changes in mindset have been maintained. Control has been regained, people are happier, more engaged and really enjoying the choices they are making.

Tate now use the OwnLife programme as part of their annual performance reviews, with people encouraged to talk about how they maintain their form and share what they feel leadership can do to support these endeavors.

There has been a step change in my mind in the way I am approaching things. I haven’t been able to change that in 20yrs of being here, but somehow now I am able to make the changes that will help me


It’s helped me connect back to why I am doing what I am doing, I am running quite a big business, its important to connect with what I love about it. I have been on a lot development programmes, I have found a lot of them intellectualize, this is very different, easy to connect to…the way in is simple and it takes you really quite deep into how you are as a person


I came in with skepticism, the programme has been really fascinating, I found it really challenging going deeper, seeing what the route cause is…it’s been really interesting



Reported improvement in overall productivity


Felt able to make the changes needed to enhance their form


Increased their loyalty and engagement

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