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The state of a person’s cognitive performance with regard to their current level of ability

Measurably improve your performance in just 8 weeks.

Your cognitive and biometric data define a completely personalised journey to increasing productivity, reducing stress and finding a sustainable balance that gets the best out of you.

How Does It Work

Data Science Meets Behavioural Change

3 Steps to Permanent Transformation

AWARENESS: Tracking cognitive performance (4RM®) alongside your biometric data helps develop self-awareness of your 'form' and gathers powerful data for analysis

INSIGHT: AI generates personalised, evidence-based recommendations for how to optimise your performance (right change, right place, right time)

EMPOWERMENT: A data-driven, precision change process remaps any self-sabotaging psychology, gives your body time to adapt and provides a unique roadmap to helping you make the changes you want, permanent

Leaders Leaders


Leadership is cognitively and emotionally demanding. We help leaders understand what they need to be able to consistently perform at their best, then provide a new language and safe framework for conversations that can transform the performance of their teams.

Teams Teams


As the working environment is redefined, a unifying culture that enables individuals to own their productivity and defines how the organisation supports them is critical for success.

Individuals Individuals


There isn't much breathing space at the top. You can't change what is demanded of you but you can change your ability to perform. If you are operating close to capacity, small changes can give you a lot more breathing space.

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I didn’t realise how little I knew about my form. I feel calmer, more able to cope and more on top of things

Jonathan Mackenzie - Managing Director

It has really helped me take a step back, and assess where I am…it’s not about how much you do it’s about what and how you do it

Global COO of Function

I am so grateful for this programme, it’s made me step back and reprioritise so much in my life, I am calmer, more in control and getting more done at work and outside

Dr Stephanie King - Senior Consultant Guys & St Thomas’

I came in with skepticism, but the programme has been really fascinating, I found it really challenging going deeper, seeing what the route cause is

Adam Storey - Finance Director

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