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Managing Directors finding their form

What became immediately clear is that many at this level were feeling the pressure. Although this may not have been detected in their performance, all recognised the timely need for our programme and all wished to find more sustainable form and to help their teams do the same.

Many activities that could sustain cognitive performance were being sacrificed in favour of shorter term props to get through. Exercise had diminished, caffeine consumption was high, and sleep was being neglected by many. ‘Not enough hours in the day’ was seen as the main challenge to productivity, and this was not helped by disrupted hybrid working, and some people still being under partial lockdown.


Increase in cognitive performance across already high-performing Managing Directors

However, as we helped them map and explore the fluctuations in their form (and productivity) and the links to their routines, these ‘time poor’ people started to realise how inefficient they were being with the time they had.

Pennies started dropping, if they chose exercise based on just what they needed from it rather than seeing it as fixed 90 minute activity, it became more accessible. If they used a 10 minute meditation to wind down from the day instead of 2 episodes of a mindless box set, they had extra hours with the kids. By helping them break habits (not just creating good intentions) we gave back choice, and they felt more in control and able to create
the time they so badly needed.

Whilst not outwardly underperforming there was a lack of consistent, sustainable form. They knew they could be doing better. They were all suitably skilled leaders, but the cognitive and emotional drain from a lack of form was affecting some of their more demanding responsibilities such as providing feedback, having performance conversations, investing in team development. In discussion they all recognised that these areas were the first things they avoided when ‘not on form’, and by playing it back to them we created the appetite to make amends.

Harnessing their renewed form, we provided the language, data and structure needed to have more productive developmental and supportive conversations with their teams. These interactions could then take place when they were most needed, not just when the leader felt up to it or it was organisationally demanded.

Once more, the results were incredible. By focusing on their form first, and what enabled it, their leadership performance leapt. 71% experienced a permanent shift in mindset and 85% committed to role modelling form optimisation and being active in empowering others to manage theirs.

The whole programme has been extremely useful to me, I have not experienced anything like this, it is very special…I have recommended this to everyone

MD - Mexico

It’s been a really interesting and very beneficial experience…we need to bring in this approach more widely

MD - Functional Global Head


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