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Supporting Publicis through lockdown

Like most businesses in the region in H2 2021, after multiple severe lockdowns, the PMX Precision team in Asia were struggling to meet unrelenting client expectations and maintain 100% productivity given the entire team had been forced to work from home for a prolonged period. In Singapore, many people were working from small spaces and suffering from complete isolation, while others were in similarly small spaces, and having to deal with home schooling and other family activities without a segregated office. This was having a severe effect on mental health across the region and ultimately leading to significant burnout and attrition.

The cohort was set up to support and unite the whole team of 26, from MD to personal assistant. The OwnLife programme couldn’t have come at a better time as most of the team were being consumed by the switch to remote working, and an always-on culture. This ‘fomo’, client-first, always connected effect was particularly bad for this time zone and team, as they were client facing, and dealing with Europe until very late in the evening and then North America from very early the morning. The net effect was that most people completely neglected to look after themselves and sleep patterns in particular, were terrible.


Increase in overall productivity

The outcomes were incredible, with 94% of participants reporting the programme as being transformational. Having seen their unique data, and been given the space and structure to reflect, every single person in the team really took control of how they were doing things. There was a universal and permanent shift in mindset when they realised that they were actually better able to serve their clients and their team if they put in some boundaries to look after themselves in the process. As a team, they were sleeping and eating better, exercising more and taking time to create some mental space. The overall result was that form, productivity and engagement all increased significantly, and their performance at work became much more consistent and sustainable.

The programme make you think really deeply about yourself, it’s been incredibly useful for me

Ujjwal Sarao - Chief Talent Officer

It’s been a life-changing programme…a truly unique experience

Sumit Kohli - Value Management Director

Where to start…the programme has been a real game changer for me…my output is up twofold, not just one day but every day

Akshay Sharma - Senior Account Manager

I have gone from a 4/10 to an 8/10…I am more engaged and motivated…I keep checking in with myself and it’s a really valuable process

Sachin Dsouza - Director of Supply


Found the programme transformational


Increase in sleep score


Increase in proactivity & engagement

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