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Making hybrid work

Like many functions, by early 2022 most teams had switched to some form of permanent hybrid working. Leaders recognised that the prolonged lack of face-face team cohesion was impacting the overall team dynamic and wanted to get people back into the office, but they also recognised that they had a lot of people risk. Paradoxically, although lots of employees didn’t want to go back to the office, hybrid working was posing challenges for them too. They were struggling with an always-on, always available culture, and feeling disconnected from their teams, they weren’t as engaged or productive as before.

All Directors in this global function were offered the opportunity to take part in the OwnLife programme. This population are the engine room of the business and the senior leaders of the future, so the programme had to demonstrate it would create more time for them than it would consume, and also be regarded as a net positive for their career prospects – that participating showed they cared about being the best they can be, rather than being someone who needs fixing. A quarter volunteered immediately to take part in the first cohort. They recognised they had an immediate need and given the positive positioning from senior management felt they had the psychological safety to participate.


Would recommend to colleagues

The outcomes demonstrated how much people risk existed. The first tracking period showed that every person that volunteered to participate was at a medium or high risk of burnout. This was transformed during the programme so that 62% of people had moved to being at low risk of burnout by the end. This was achieved without yet changing any external factors such as workload or culture. There was however, a notable shift to a forward looking performance culture with 78% committing to positive role modelling of ‘form optimisation’ and 71% saying they will actively support and empower others to manage their form better.

I thought form was just my mood, good or bad, but there is so much more to it. I loved the data approach, complete lightbulb moments. I challenged my myths, I no longer shy away from difficult calls in the morning, and have opened up more time. It’s really exciting


I really enjoyed the process of challenging my own beliefs. I am better at making the big decisions, I am less tired in the evening and have a new mindset about change. My family and my colleagues have noticed the difference

Senior Manager - South America

I’m having fewer mental drops at work – my focus comes back quicker and remains longer. It’s helping me deliver more, I’m more present at home, and my partner and kids get more of the real me

Head of Transformation


Increase in productivity


Will enable their team to be more flexible and accountable in their working day


Permanently shifted mindset

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