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I am so grateful for this programme, it’s made me step back and reprioritise so much in my life, I am calmer, more in control and getting more done at work and outside

Dr Stephanie King - Senior Consultant Guys & St Thomas’

The whole programme has been extremely useful to me, I have not experienced anything like this, it is very special…I have recommended this to everyone

MD - Mexico

“I got a tonne out of it; I really like the data and the tracking – through this approach I changed a lot of things in small ways, and it’s helped me understand what I need to do to get out of the ruts much more quickly.” Head of Strategy

We need to use this to empower people, it’s not a matter of us taking them through the journey…it’s them saying, ‘I am going to evaluate myself, make a change and that is going to help me’…I think a number of people are at breaking point… this will help them get on a better track and through their career, hopefully with us

Global Head of Sub-Function

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