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I have found this incredibly helpful…it’s been a really interesting opportunity for self-reflection…it’s both reaffirmed what I thought I knew and opened up a whole area that I didn’t know about or even think about

Global Head of Function

“I am much more conscious of my form and what I need to do to sustain it. I have really felt the benefits and have been sailing through tasks I would normally put off or deliberate on.“ CEO

I really enjoyed the process of challenging my own beliefs. I am better at making the big decisions, I am less tired in the evening and have a new mindset about change. My family and my colleagues have noticed the difference

Senior Manager - South America

I thought form was just my mood, good or bad, but there is so much more to it. I loved the data approach, complete lightbulb moments. I challenged my myths, I no longer shy away from difficult calls in the morning, and have opened up more time. It’s really exciting


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