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I have gone from a 4/10 to an 8/10…I am more engaged and motivated…I keep checking in with myself and it’s a really valuable process

Sachin Dsouza - Director of Supply

If we as MDs feel we need to give ourselves permission to take a break during the day, to go for a walk, what does that feel like for more junior members of the team?...There is a danger of getting into a negative spiral of how we do things…We are at a turning point when we can harvest this approach to gather momentum

COO Global Function

“I started thinking I was fine, and that nothing was wrong, but that’s because I had never stopped. The programme has definitely been a journey of realization…extremely valuable“ Global Head of HR

I thought form was just my mood, good or bad, there is so much more to it, I loved the data approach, complete lightbulb moments, I challenged my myths, I now don’t shy away from difficult calls in the morning, I have opened up more time, it’s really exciting

UK Director

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